Jose Rojas  the art and story of color paint medicine. 

After one Espresso that is the strongest coffee on the planet to me, I pulled a white canvas and began to play with my paint brushes. Adding colors and layers to unite a story of happiness. I’m always looking to reinvent my style and to push further away from the norm of the past art masters. I’m a big fan of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. So you can easily see reference to them. My style is mine, not for the critics with one of definition of art. Cause to me art is love, art is fun, art is beautiful, art is ones mastery. Those that want to collect my art will be the envy of those that come across my artwork. My art is me. My art is joy. I will paint until the sky falls off. (Jose Rojas) sounds his own horn. Jose Rojas Official website.

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